AIRbox: More powerful than HEPA purifiers!

Portable air purifying solution that cleans as you go

Whether you're on the road or at home, whether you're working or sleeping, the air around you is so important and can affect many aspects of your health. Equipped with the most advanced photocatalysis nanotechnology and negative ion technology, AIRbox is small but yet so powerful that it cleans the air better than traditional HEPA air purifiers. In addition, AIRbox utilizes a patented washable filter so you never have to spend a dime on filters!

AIRbox Main Features

How this small and powerful device helps keeping the air clean

Washable Filter

Never spend money buying filters again! Our patented washable filter is environmental and budget-friendly, and can last more than 40,000 hours of use.

Powerful Purification

Using patented UV LED Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Technology equipped with ionizer, AIRbox cleans better than traditional HEPA filters. It can destroy allergens such as dust mite, pollen, fungus, and bacteria. It can also remove toxic gases and bad odor.

Portable Design

Weighed just 4.5 oz, this air purifier is so tiny and light that you can even put it in your bag! All you need is a USB cable and you can use it anywhere!

Don't Just Cover Up the Smell. Remove It!

AIRbox solves common problems caused by poor air quality. This purifier is the solution if you: suffer from allergies; experience dizziness and fatigue in the office; try to get rid of cigarette or tobacco smell; hate the mildew smell in your car; want to protect your newborn or your loved ones from airborne bacteria and virus; or have a newly renovated home with chemical smell.

AIRbox on an office desk AIRbox next to a baby AIRbox in a grey modern bathroom AIRbox with small animal

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