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Power 1 Power Bank: Your All-In-One Travel Companion

Soon available on in Summer 2020

Do you love camping? Enjoy traveling? Consider our Power 1 Power Bank for your next travel companion. It's one of the few power banks with an AC outlet that is in compliance with U.S. TSA so you can carry it on board any aircraft! Need to jump start your car, motor bike, or pickup truck? Power 1 got you covered. Unlike traditional bulky and heavy power bank for outdoor use, Power 1 only weighs 2.625 lb. Laptops, cell phones, cameras. Never run out of battery again on the road!

What to Love about Power 1

How this power bank keeps your favorite devices and eletronics charged on the go

Air Travel Friendly

Our power bank is one of the few power banks with an AC outlet that is compliant with the U.S. TSA so you can take it onboard any aircraft.

Powerful Charging

Made by the same manufacturer of Telsa battery, it has a battery capacity of 26800mah, and can keep many personal electronics charged for many hours! Plus, it can also be used to jump start any vehicle up to 5.0L Gasoline and 3.0L Diesel engines.

Portable Design

Weighed 2.625 lb, Power 1 power bank is lighter and smaller than traditional bulky power bank for outdoor use, which makes it easy to carry around and relocate as needed.

Keep Your Device Charged Anytime, Anywhere

No longer worry about finding an electrical outlet or USB charging station when you're on the go. Use it on a camping trip. If you work outside the office settings, keep your laptop charged on the road. Roadtrip? Take Power 1 with you in case your vehicle run out of battery.

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